Veterinary Care Coordinator

Alyson Veterinary Care Coordinator

Alyson is a graduate of the University of Guelph’s psychology program, with a great interest in animal behaviour. She joined the Royal York team in September 2021 as a Veterinary Care Coordinator. Having been born with a love for animals, Alyson has been working in the pet industry for over 20 years. Starting at a local Etobicoke pet store she has worked her way through a variety of areas including a doggy daycare attendant, a dog trainer, and into the veterinary industry.

Alyson spends her free time enjoying activities with her 5-year-old Whippet, Tali which include; forest hikes, the speediest game of fetch in the west end, and running agility courses.

Alyson strives to be as compassionate and empathetic as possible while aiding people in giving their furry family members the best care they possibly can.