Veterinary Exam

Book your pet's next wellness exam to keep them happy and healthy.

To keep your companion animal healthy, you should take them to your veterinarian at least once per year for a routine examination (or wellness exam). Middle-aged to senior pets should be examined twice a year, and puppies/kittens should receive at least three exams in their first year of life. If you're interested in booking your pet's wellness exam, please contact us at (416) 231-9293.

Do I need to prepare anything for my pet's visit?

In order to get the best out of this veterinary visit, you should be prepared to answer questions about their lifestyle and routines. You can also ask questions about your pet's examination findings, ensuring you receive advice on how to keep your pet as healthy as possible through preventive care. Talk to other family members who provide care for your pet before coming to the appointment, and make sure you answer these questions accurately. Don't underestimate what table scraps you feed or anything else about how you care for your pet. Some important questions our team will ask include:

  • Does your pet go outdoors unsupervised?
  • Is there wildlife in your area?
  • Does your pet drink from puddles or ponds?
  • Does your pet swim in a pond, lake, or river?
  • Does your pet go into wooded areas?
  • How much water does your pet drink on a daily basis?
  • What brand and quantity of food does your pet eat?
  • How many treats or table scraps does your pet get on a daily basis?
  • Does your pet ever cough, sneeze, or vomit?
  • What are your pet's elimination habits like?
  • Does your pet show any signs of pain, stiffness, or decreased activity?

How do these visits support my pet's wellness?

Based on your pet's individual circumstances, your veterinarian will recommend wellness testing, which could include blood tests, urine tests, X-rays, blood pressure monitoring, or other diagnostic procedures. The purpose of wellness testing is to uncover underlying problems in their early stages. We're trained to interpret the results of wellness testing, along with your pet's behaviour, lifestyle, and travel history, and the results of the physical examination. This allows us to create the most appropriate treatment plan for the individual pet.

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