Ultrasound and X-ray for Pets

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Ultrasounds and X-rays are non-invasive diagnostic imaging tools. To honour our commitment to being a paperless hospital, we introduced digital radiology (X-ray) at our practice. Digital radiography uses fewer chemicals than its predecessor. If you have questions about our diagnostic imaging tools, please contact us at (416) 231-9293.

What is the purpose of diagnostic imaging?

When we need to figure out what's wrong with your pet, we routinely use X-rays and ultrasounds to help identify the cause of the problem, rule out possible conditions or provide a list of potential causes. We often use diagnostic imaging during a wellness exam to diagnose potential problems before they become serious. Sometimes they're also used in conjunction with other diagnostic tools. Both ultrasounds and X-rays are safe for your pet, helping us to examine their:

  • Bones
  • Gastrointestinal tract (stomach, intestines, colon)
  • Respiratory tract (lungs), heart,
  • Genitourinary system (bladder, prostate)
  • Pregnancy

Do X-rays pose any risk to my pet?

We offer digital radiology (they're captured digitally rather than on film). This technology allows us to provide you with a quicker diagnosis for your pet. Plus, it uses less radiation than traditional X-rays. To avoid a blurry image, pets need to remain completely still while an X-ray is taken. In some cases, we may need to sedate your pet or use short-acting general anesthesia. If you have any questions about our radiology service or what to expect during your pet's procedure, please don't hesitate to ask.

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