Bloodwork Services for Pets

A simple method used to diagnose and treat ailments in pets.

Bloodwork helps us to understand your pet's overall health, whether they're healthy or unwell. Before your pet gets their bloodwork done, our veterinary team will provide you with detailed instructions on how to prepare them for it. Proper preparation ensures your pet's bloodwork is accurate, removing the need to repeat the process.

Why does my healthy pet need bloodwork?

Sometimes your pet could seem perfectly healthy externally, but internally, they have undiagnosed health issues. One of the most common routine tests we administer to both healthy and sick pets is a complete blood count (CBC). A CBC provides a general overview of how the cells in your pet's body are working, as well as identifies any infections. If our veterinary team wants to investigate specific issues in your pet's body, special blood tests are requested.

How should I prepare my pet for their bloodwork?

Pets should have routine bloodwork at least once per year, with senior pets needing them approximately twice per year. If your pet needs routine bloodwork, they may need to do some of the following to help them prepare:

  • Fast 6 hours before their appointment
  • Stay hydrated by drinking lots of water
  • Avoid physical activity
  • Reduce anxiety and stress

What will bloodwork tell you?

By analyzing your pet's bloodwork, we can determine a baseline of their overall health, immune system functioning, parasite infections, allergies, and underlying health issues, including kidney disease, nutrient deficiencies, and some types of cancer. If you'd like to learn more about your pet's upcoming bloodwork, please contact us at (416) 231-9293.

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