Boarding Waiver


Vaccine & Preventative Policy

To ensure the protection of all pets under our care, the following vaccines must be up to date prior to admittance into boarding:



  • Vaccines: DA2PP, Rabies, Bordetella (Kennel Cough), Leptospirosis;
  • Flea & Tick Preventative (ex. Nexguard Spectra, Simparica Trio etc.);
  • Within 6 months Negative Fecal Result


  • Vaccines: FVRCP (Distemper), Rabies, Feline Leukemia;
  • Flea preventative; (ex Spectra combo)
  • Within 6 months Negative Fecal Result

RYAH takes every necessary medical precaution to prevent Kennel Cough, however, there is always risk of exposure in any dog grooming/boarding facility or social interaction. The owner is responsible for any cost associated with treatment.

We do not have a veterinarian on call outside of regular clinic hours. Royal York Animal Hospital cannot be held liable if the boarding animal(s) listed have medical problems after normal clinic hours. We will make every effort to contact the owner or emergency contact. If contact cannot be made, we will do our best to contact one of our veterinarians, and treatment may be done at their discretion. Or at another location and transportation service fees will apply.



Urgent Care


In the event of an illness of your pet, we will call the emergency numbers listed to advise of symptoms, treatment options and estimated costs. However, if no one can be reached, please indicate your wishes below regarding treatments:

Please perform whatever services the doctor deems necessary for the best care of my pet, until someone can be reached. This includes only non-elective treatments and any necessary diagnostics. *

Do not administer any medical treatment until specific authorization is given *


Personals & Extras

The following categories will be discussed during drop off; rules regarding each are outlined below:


For your pet’s health and comfort, we recommend bringing their food from home or purchasing their brand of Hill’s Prescription Diet food upon arrival.

Your pet’s medication(s) must be clearly marked and in the original containers.

Personal Belongings
Your pet’s belongings may provide a sense of comfort to them during their stay. Unfortunately, Royal York Animal Hospital cannot be responsible for items lost or damaged.

Would you like your pet to visit our grooming department during their stay? Extra costs will apply. *

If YES is selected, one of our Grooming Staff will contact you to discuss the details of your grooming needs.

We love to put pictures of our boarding pets up on social media. Do we have permission to do so? *

I fully intend to pick up my pet on or around the above specified date. If circumstances change, I will notify the Veterinary Hospital of the revised pick-up date. If I have not claimed the above-mentioned pet within 7 calendar days of the date provided for pick up, the pet shall be deemed abandoned, and the Hospital shall be entitled to transfer to an animal shelter or third-party owner. The hospital waives its lien rights under the Repair and Storage Liens Act. Abandonment does not release me of my obligation of the bill.

Please provide a secondary contact below in case you cannot be reached:


Security Question *